Sunday 29 April 2012

Surrealistic Decor

I will never forget the lasting impression Salvador Dali's museum in Figueres, Spain left on me. When i was sitting in a train reading his book, on the way back to my hotel in Barcelona, Spain, his whole life flipped before my eyes. I was overwhelmed and happy that i lived long enough and was rich enough to see and touch the higher power. Salvador Dali was an incredible artist, the most influential among the surrealists and his work still touches many lives. He famously quoted : 'The only difference between me and a madman is that i am not mad'. Did you know that through his life, Salvador Dali also created furniture, statues and decorative objects ? The Figueres museum used to be Dali's home. Most of the furniture and objects in this house were created by Dali. Let's use it as a sample to get inspired enough to create surrealistic decor. Lets immerse ourselves in madness which usually defines higher level of art.

This is not a painting but an actual room inside Dali's house in Figueres. The red lips is an actual sofa.

As much as the room above is full of love, life, joy. The room below is influenced by Dali's fear of death. The house museum in Figueres was the last residence of Salvador Dali where he eventually died. It is filled with his fascination of human body as it ages and his ideas what happens after we die. The example below demonstrates that to some extent.

The ceiling in the hallways continues the idea what happens in after life.

The famous melting clocks continue the fascination with time and it's meaning in our lives.

The exterior of Dali's house is just as filled with stretched imagination as it's interior.

As per Dali 'Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.' In other words there is a whole wide world outside of what we can see. This world has limitless possibilities and it can be a part of you if you allow it, a world you can escape to inside your own home.

This room has a surrealistic motive created by our brake out wall art.

A little touch of surrealism can make a world of difference and bring that special uniqueness into a room.

Personally i am a huge fan of surrealism. Why ? As the man himself put it : 'People love mystery, that is why they love my paintings'.

Would love to read your comments about surrealism and home decor.

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