Tuesday 13 March 2012

Spring decor 2012

As icicles are melting, green grass emerging from the ground, sunny days are becoming longer and longer we feel the desire to shake ourselves up a little from a very long winter. Goodbye winter boots, heavy jackets and hello to sunshine!  Are you in the mood for change? No need to brake the bank this spring. Small decorating accents can make a world of difference. Lets explore a few home decorating ideas for spring while paying attention to color and decor trends.

You have heard it a million times, spring equals flowers and i believe some things never change. When nature is awakening from winter, the first manifestation of warmer times ahead are flowers. I associate them not only with spring but also with happy times spent with a family. Flowers make a great gift, we greet loved ones with them, we gift them for Valentines day, we console the sick with them and we say our final goodbyes with them. Lets bring their fresh smell and lovely colors into our homes this spring.

Pantone's identified margarita green as one of the spring colors for 2012. Pillows, curtains, vases, green plants and carpets create an inexpensive home refreshment for spring.

Lets not forget the color of the year tangerine orange. It is not just a color of the year but it is also a happy color, a warm color, which can chase your winter blues away. Bedding is another example of an inexpensive option to add some warmth into your bedroom without braking the bank. Here is your boy's room bedding idea.

Craft is one of the home decor trends this year. Spring is synonymous with wood. A wooden chair or a grasscloth wallpaper can bring a piece of nature into your house this spring, literally.

Lets wake up from long winter and create our own spring trend. After all only fashion victims follow the trends by the book. Imagination, originality and creativity never go out of style.

Happy spring awakening everyone !