Wednesday 28 December 2011

Luxury goods and recession

According to extensive journalistic research i have done on the internet, many reputable websites report that despite the economic recession, luxury selling stores post increased profits.  The most common explanation is the rich are not affected by the recession as much as the poor.  I have a different theory.

The 26th of December is the famous boxing day in North America.  I went to buy a pair of quality leather gloves in Holt Renfrew.  When i approached the store i was speechless to see the number of people who lined up waiting for the store to open.  Holt Renfrew is one of the most expensive chains in Canada selling brands such as Chanel, Dior, Prada and more.  They were offering up to 60% off on most of their merchandise, however even after the discount the prices at Holts are nowhere near affordable.  I also looked around to see who was lining up and most of the people did not look wealthy to me.  Wealthy people don't need to stand hours in line to get a discount.  Who were those people and why the luxurious Holts attracted their attention more than Future Shop or Best Buy?

Anyone who has ever studied psychology remembers the Maslow pyramid of human needs. It start at the bottom with physical comfort being the first and self actualisation being the last. The need for luxurious goods would be the combination of the second need from the bottom (aka safety) and esteem which is second from the top.  Luxurious goods are better quality than cheaper goods, therefore they serve longer and protect better.  Luxurious goods are also a part of the elite group, owing them is a major boost to personal self esteem, a pleasure and an expression of someones creativity.  Luxurious goods tend to have out of the ordinary design and more appealing style, therefore they express someones creativity.

My second argument why ordinary average income people covet luxury goods is mere pleasure. Everyone have been deprived by recession in some way and it does not have to be by a loss of income. At the very least more and more people go out less or cut on their grocery bills.  During recession businesses cut on working stuff and therefore people work harder, longer hours.  It takes more for human being's survival than food and shelter, for many as i have seen during the Boxing Day the retail therapy works like a charm.

During recession people have the tendency to stay at home more and therefore home decor surroundings begin to matter more than ever.  What can easily and inexpensively add tremendous style and luxe to your home?

Have you discovered the power of AVL wallpaper? Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Lets compare a few before and after photos using our state of the art visualizer.

                                                  Here is a dining room BEFORE

                                                     Here is the same dining room AFTER

                           I have seen somewhat similar wall decor in Palais de Versaille in Paris, France

Lets have a look at a more modern luxurious dining room decor

Here is traditionally luxurious dining room wall decor


As you could see sometimes a little decorative touch is all that matters.  Whether it is a new lamp, a new carpet or a new wallpaper.  It can instantly add glamour to your home at a fraction of the cost.  Think my Holts leather gloves to make my whole outfit look expensive :-).  Your house might be looking for the same little touch of luxury.

As it is getting colder outside and we tend to stay at home more and more why not make your surroundings more pleasant?

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Chin chin to the New Year with more luxury in our lives.


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